Things you should remember while choosing a wedding cake

There are so many things to take care of in a wedding and wedding cake is just one of the many things that you should consider. Leaving the cake for the end is a good decision but often the end is forgotten, late or worse – never ordered in the first place. There are many things that can go wrong but you need to remember a few important points to get through them:

  • Cake toppings matter

Often you will see different wedding cake in Dubai which has a small topping on them. These toppings are not only to enhance the look of the cake in fact they also hold a significant meaning. Some people choose to top it off with a bouquet of flowers – edible, sugar flowers please – icing ribbons or sometimes these toppings are just seasonal. Some would like a huge delicate sugar snowflake on top to represent the winter wedding while others would choose coral and sea pearls to reflect their epic beach wedding, either way the choice is yours.

  • Your cake deserves a spotlight

Imagine all the efforts that you have put in getting together your beautiful wedding cake and forget to click the pictures in a rush or show off your hard work and persistent efforts. Every cake deserves its spotlight even if it is about anniversary or birthday cakes in Dubai. Make sure the table that you will be cutting cake on has a beautiful soft light shown on it. You can add special effects by dimming the lights around on the venue except for the ones where the bride and groom will cut the cake. What better way to get it noticed?

  • EAT your own cake

Trust us, this is the number one thing that you are going to regret if you choose not to save your cake for later or have a good piece of it after that one mandatory bite that spouses feed each other. Ask your caterer or a trustworthy person (because cakes can’t be trusted with everyone) to save some for bride and groom. They can have it as a late night dessert or snack which they will enjoy surely. Also it’s the best gift if someone wants to gift the couple on their special day.