How To Prepare Your Documents For Attestation

Document attestation is an important process to notarized and authenticate documents. Some companies and government organizations require individuals to submit attested documents to ensure that they are authentic and accurate.

But before your document will be stamped, it is a must that you prepare and secure them for attestation. Here are some tips to help you prep your papers for attestation:

  1. Secure all the documents

The first thing that you need to do when you submit your documents for attestation is to prepare your documents. If an organization requests you to submit a number of attested and notarized documents, you don’t submit it one by one. Doing that would cost you time and money. It would be best if you can have all the required papers attested before you submit them for legal use. Compile all them all in an envelope. For laminated documents, certificate attestation services require them to be removed and submitted in paper form.

  1. Process papers you don’t have

There will be instance when some documents are incomplete or not updated. Be sure to update them first before you submit them for attestation. Not doing so would only cause you more since you need to re-authenticate the updated document for submission. If you have a missing document required for submission, better process it now.

  1. Have them scanned and photocopied

Once you have all the documents with you, you need to have them photocopied and scanned. You need to keep in mind that you will be giving the original documents to your attestation specialists. Having an extra copy would serve as your reference and backups. There are instances when organizations require more than one copy of the attested documents. Also, in case the documents get lost, you have an extra copy with you. Save a hard and digital copy of the documents.

  1. Talk with your attestation service provider

Before you hand over the documents to be notarized, have a talk with your attestation service provider. The initial consultation would let you know what would happen to the documents and what would the firm need from you to expedite the process. Knowing the process can help put your mind at ease somehow. Also, show him/her the documents for checking. The attestation specialist would do the initial checking of the documents and tell you if there are some documents missing for attestation.

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