How to form your company in a free zone

The initiative taken by the government of Dubai pertaining to the establishment of free zones across Dubai has helped this amazing Emirate become the business hub of the UAE. Whenever a brand or organization plans to establish its presence in different parts of the world, the number one business destination that they think of is that of Dubai.

If truth be told, an offshore company formation in dubai has plenty of benefits to offer. From tax benefits to the ability to retain 100% ownership of the business, there is so much that you can benefit from. However, most people remain confused as to how they can establish their offshore company here. If this is the situation that you are facing right now, then here is a look into the ways to get started with it:

Get your visa

First and foremost, it is necessary for you to apply for your visa. Without it, you would not be able to enter Dubai, let alone establish your business presence here. Apply for a business visa so the authorities know the intention behind your arrival. Before applying for your visa, make sure that you acquire detailed information about your eligibility and visa requirements. Without this, there is always the chance that your visa will get rejected.

Find a location – determine the free zone you wish to operate from

There are more than 30 free zones all over Dubai. This includes the Dubai Airport Free Zone, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Internet City and so much more. Identify the free zone that best suits your business sector. For instance, if you run a health care related business, then you should opt for the Dubai Healthcare City. If you run a media focused business, then the International Media Product Zone will be the right choice for you.

Apply for your license

Like anywhere else, establishing your business in the free zone will also call for you to acquire a license and proper permit. Every single free zone out there has its own licensing authority. Sort out your document and then apply for a license to be able to start off your business. The licenses issued to businesses vary greatly and are divided into different categories. Hence, make sure that you apply for the right license and with the right documents at hand. Check this site out for further information in this regard.

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