Point checklist to know about the desert safari journey

Safari journey will be a great experience if you haven’t done it yet. You have to do it especially when you are visiting Dubai and people who live there will often go to get the amazing experience of best desert safari in Dubai. If you want to go for the visit then you have to first get your seat booked by any of the service provider because you cannot go in to the desert alone without the proper assistance with you. You will go astray or get caught by the wild reptiles if you will go without assistance so you have to get in contact with any of the evening desert safari tour provider. They will charge you a certain amount and provide you the following facilities in this money amount:

A vehicle which is 4 * 4 wheel, so that they can provide you the best experience of sand and desert.

Provide the Dune bashing experience for about 30 minutes which can be also less or more according to the amount they are charging. It will take a lot of effort from the driver and the vehicle so if you want the dune bashing for more time then they will charge more.

They will give you time so that you can enjoy the sunset and take pictures of yourself in the sunset and also the pictures of sunset. The sunset view in the desert will give you another kind of experience where all the sand will turn orang-ish red with the sun.

They will let you have the experience of camel ride there in the sand so that you can get the experience of the people of the past who had the only source of travelling through the camels. It will be a great experience to travel on the camels.

They will have a fire show there which is put up by the trained people of desert and you should not try to do that neither there nor at home. It wants to have a great experience and courage to do.

They will also provide the facility of bar-b-que there in the open sand. All the necessities will be provided to you along with a certain amount of meat which is according to the amount you have paid for this trip. All in all, with so much to do, you are sure to have the time of your life during the desert safari journey. Don’t forget to book your trip right now!