Facts about neurology

Neurology is a profession, a specialization, and a responsibility that many doctors tend to after completing their initial education which is either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. You can visit in any neurologist in Dubai.

However, many doctors consider to become a neurologist just because of the benefits that they may enjoy while becoming experienced personnel in the field of neurology. But the one thing that the decline or neglect while on the verge of becoming a neurologist is that they do not tend to the facts that come with the responsibility of becoming a neurologist. Whether a practitioner of a neurology medicine or a neurosurgeon. You can hire an endocrinologist in Dubai.

Therefore, some of the facts about neurology that every medical personnel may or may not have declined while trying to become a neurologist are in the section below:

  1. If you think that the practice of being a neurosurgeon is an advanced field of medical assistance then you are wrong as the brain doctors were available in even stone age and helped people with not only with their problems in the nervous system but also have practiced the surgery on various people that were in dire need of help for the problem they were facing.
  2. If you think that dehydration is only causing problems to you physically and not mentally then you are wrong as 75 percent of our brain is made up of water. This means that if we ever feel down and are mentally disturbed can be a reason for not having enough consumption of water for our body as well as for our brain. 
  3. Neurons are the particles that are the sole reason for our existence. Why? It is because our brains are made up of almost one hundred billion or more than one hundred billion neurons that help us to specify the tasks and make us see the difference between the negative and positive vibes.
  4. For those who have watched Lucy and believe that humans only use 10 percent of their brains, well they were wrong and we believed it. Neurology believes and proves that humans are capable of not only using 10 percent of the brain but can use more even when they are asleep, they are using more than 10 percent of their brains.
  5. Dreaming is the reason why the brain is working as they are a particular reason for the working factor and are a mixture of neurons, imagination, and psychological factors.