A beginner’s guide to PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is evident in almost 20% of the women and it will affect the ability to conceive a child. If a woman is having trouble in conceiving then she must go for the tests. Sometime thyroid problems are the main reason behind this difficulty and sometimes it will also lead to the PCOS. There is no special PCOS diet plan but they will be advised to look after their meals keenly.

Women with PCOS are advised to eat whatever other women are eating and they should not avoid their breakfasts. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it should be good and full of energy. People often skip the breakfast and think that they may lose their weight but in reality they will gain weight in this way. It is especially important for the women with PCOS that they have to take more healthy and big breakfast and lighter dinner. Women who are going to adopt the habit of taking good breakfast will ovulate more than the women who take light breakfast or skip their breakfast. 

Women who face difficulty in conceiving should take low carb or carb free diet. Once they start taking low carb food their body insulin levels will start coming to normal and it will also help in removing the PCOS. Their hormones will be start balancing once they cut the excessive carb intake and try to get the amount as low as possible. Women with PCOS will often gain weight without any change in diet just due to the PCOS so if they start taking low carb food then it will help them in maintaining their weight and they will lose more weight on low carb diet than the regular diet.

Furthermore the best advice for women with PCOS is that they need to stay active most of the time. They need to start doing exercise if they are not doing already and if they are already doing it then they have to change the exercise a little and they have to increase the time of their exercise. If they cannot go to any gym then they can start doing small exercises at home and they should walk briskly for atleast 30 minutes a day. Start with 10 minutes and then increase the time gradually and be steady.