5 Qualifications Your LASIK Surgeon Should Possess

LASIK eye surgery in Dubai is a well-known eye corrective procedure that is popular amongst patients who have problems with their vision. This procedure can resolve a number of vision-related issues and enables patients to achieve a perfect vision and improve their quality of life.


But the success of this procedure relies in the expertise of the LASIK surgeon that you will select. If you are in the process of picking the LASIK surgeon that will handle your case, here are the criteria that you should look upon:


  1. Knowledge of the procedure


It is necessary that the eye specialist that will perform the LASIK procedure on your eyes should have full-knowledge of the procedure. They should know how to use the equipment and is well-aware of its limitations. You can tell by how the prospective surgeon is going through the procedure during the consultation. But be sure to do your homework and do an initial research so you can check if the surgeon is legit.


  1. Experience to boot


You might be surprised that a LASIK surgeon can perform at least 10,000 or more surgeries in a year. But if you know how it works, the procedure usually last up 20 minutes max. The more experience the LASIK surgeon has, the better. This would mean that he/she was able to handle different cases and is familiar with how the equipment works.


  1. Selective of their patients


You need to know that not all candidates are candidate for LASIK surgery. Certain medical conditions like thin corneas and other eye problems would make a patients not qualified to take the procedure. A LASIK surgeon being selective of their patient would mean that they are meeting the industry standards. The screening process of the specialist should be rigid and tact.


  1. Transparent and communicative


It is always necessary for patients to find a surgeon that they feel comfortable to work with. If you feel that your prospective surgeon is not that approachable and communicative, then it would be best to find another one. Communication is very important in this case since this procedure is quite delicate. As much as possible, both parties should have an open communication to ensure the success of the procedure.


  1. Guide you on your recovery


The recovery for this procedure is very quick. But the LASIK surgeon should be able to explain to the patient what needs to be done to ensure that the vision of the patient will be fully corrected and restored.


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